About Smartlabel®

SmartLabel is a nimble, adaptable digital platform launched in 2015 by national brands and retailers in major grocery categories to give consumers access to more detailed product information than could ever fit on a package.  

It is fast and easy to use, with a consistent display across participating brands in these product categories: food, beverage, household cleaning, pet care, personal care, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter medications. 

What can you find on SmartLabel that you can’t find on the package?

SmartLabel enables brands to provide information on ingredients, nutrition, and allergens and goes beyond the package label to include things like how to use or prepare the product, how to recycle the packaging, safety and handling instructions and even tasty recipes. You can be confident that the information in SmartLabel is accurate and up-to-date because it comes straight from brands.

And because SmartLabel is on the web, you can access it through any internet browser.  Click HERE to learn more about how to access SmartLabel information.