SmartLabel® FAQ

What is SmartLabel?

SmartLabel gives consumers a way to digitally access more detailed product information than could ever fit on a package label about a wide range of food, beverage, dietary supplement, household, pet care, personal care, and over-the-counter products. It is fast and easy to use, with a consistent format that shares accurate data directly from the brand.

How does SmartLabel work?

You can find detailed information about products in SmartLabel by searching the web; scanning a SmartLabel QR or digital code on packages; using the SmartLabel Product Search on this site; or visiting a participating company’s brand websites.

You can access SmartLabel and its information in the store, at home, or at work by using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

I don’t have a smartphone; how can I use SmartLabel?

You don’t need a smartphone to use SmartLabel. Because SmartLabel information is web-based, you can access SmartLabel information anywhere you can open a web browser (including a cell phone, computer or tablet.) With an internet connection and a web browser, you can access SmartLabel information by using a search engine (such as Google, Chrome or Edge); by visiting a participating company’s or brand’s website; or by using the SmartLabel Product Search on this site.

What types of product information can I
get from SmartLabel that isn’t on the label now?

SmartLabel goes beyond the label and has more detailed information such as ingredient definitions, allergen content, country of origin, third-party certifications, social compliance and sustainability programs, usage instructions, advisories & safe handling instructions, company, and brand information and more.

How do I find the product I’m looking for?

On the product search page, search for a product by entering the brand, company, or type of product, such as crackers, dog food or probiotics. You can filter the search by brand and even sub brands. Clicking on the line item in the grid will open the SmartLabel page for the product.

If you can’t find a specific product, it may not be participating in SmartLabel. However, SmartLabel is always growing and more products are added on a regular basis.

Who is responsible for SmartLabel information?

Each company participating in SmartLabel is responsible for its own product information and compliance with the standards and specifications set forth by the SmartLabel program.